We humanize new technologies through a symbiosis of art and science
The LABORATORIA Art & Science Foundation was founded in 2008. In 2021 Laboratoria launched a new space in the West wing of the New Tretyakov Gallery.
As long as a real tragedy unfolds in the world, we find it impossible to continue our activities.
Symposium ‘New Elements’
SYMPOSIUM 12 FEBRUARY 2022: Artists, curators and philosophers discuss new artistic practices that redefine the relationship between digital and analog computing
New Elements
Exhibition 17 November 2021 — 27 March 2022: The exhibition explores an unusual perspective on data and computation, centering on the physicality of information and its implications for how we make sense of the world.
Conference "Art&Science: The Art of Communication to the Other"
CONFERENCE 2 OCTOBER 2021: Philosophers, artists, scientists and curators think together about the limits of the human and the technological, about non-anthropocentric strategies of thinking and being, and about the dialogue of communities.
May the other live in me
Exhibition 22 June — 10 October 2021: Today, man is no longer the lord of nature, but part of a community that includes vast numbers of biological species and technical systems. We rethink anthropocentrism, erase interspecific barriers and integrate into hybrid communities along with plants, bacteria, robots and software systems.
Opening of the new Laboratoria Art&Science space at the New Tretyakov Gallery
NEWS: On June 21, 2021, the opening of the new Laboratoria Art & Science space took place in the New Tretyakov Gallery. The permanent program include international exhibitions, technological art production, conferences, science-art discussions and other interdisciplinary projects.
We=Link: Ten Easy Pieces
ОНЛАЙН ВЫСТАВКА: Художники реагируют на вспышку COVID-19 и мировой карантин. Они продолжают создавать искусство: подбирают коды, ключи к новой реальности и анализируют как художественный, так и социальный потенциал текущей ситуации пандемии. Партнерский проект с Chronos Art Center (Шанхай).
Cybernetic Consciousness
НОВОСТЬ МАРТ.2018 Созданная в INCUBATOR LABORATORIA нейророботическая инсталляция Borgy&Bes участвует в выставке Cybernetic Consciousness (Сан-Паулу, Бразилия) посвященной автономным произведениям искусства и исследованию творческого потенциала искусственного интеллекта.
к сообществу science-
Программа “I love science-art”: специальные мероприятия, закрытые показы, встречи с художниками и другие уникальные возможности в течение года.
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