Our exhibitions interpret the current challenges of our time
New Elements
Exhibition November 17, 2021 — March 27, 2022: The exhibition explores an unusual perspective on data and computation, centering on the physicality of information and its implications for how we make sense of the world.
May the other live in me
Exhibition 22 June - 10 October: Today, man is no longer the lord of nature, but part of a community that includes vast numbers of biological species and technical systems. We rethink anthropocentrism, erase interspecific barriers and integrate into hybrid communities along with plants, bacteria, robots and software systems.
Daemons in the
Exhibition 5 OCTOBER – 11 NOVEMBER 2018: Who are today’s daemons? — neural networks, autonomous digital processes. Artists draw on myths to evaluate the potential of current technologies and artificial intelligence, researching scenarios of the future where we will be compelled to live alongside the new daemons.
Quantum Entanglement 2.0
Exhibition 19 February — 27 March, 2016 Quantum physics is able to give us absolutely new picture of the world, where the reality is multivariate. In this picture of the world, observation and subjective view becomes an important method, which brings quantum physics closer to philosophical and artistic perception.
Jelly and lightnings
Exhibition 3 July — 15 September 2009: Artists of Where Dogs Run art-group from Ekaterinburg together with scientists immerse into electro-physical experiments, test risky hypotheses, model the interaction of various types of substance.
Ice laboratory
Exhibition 12 December 2013 – 15 February 2014 Ice, as one of the most fragile elements, is an indicator of changes occurring in nature and keeps the memory of millennia. The exhibition is dedicated to the problems of climate change and the economic and social consequences of these problems, which require us to comprehend and adapt to new conditions.
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