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Bratja-Jung fairy tales
Exhibition 14 December 2008 – 9 February 2009: “…the interaction of archetypes is found out in its natural framing – “creation, re-creation and the ever eternal relaxation of the eternal Spirit…”” Karl Gustav Jung, Phenomenology of the spirit in tales
Хлеб и Вино, и Мать-Сыра-Земля
Выставка 24 сентября – 21 октября 2008 Экспериментальное подтверждение гипотезы о трансфизическом характере воздействия произведений изобразительного искусства на ноосферу. Хлеб и Вино, и Мать-Сыра-Земля
Experiment 1
Exhibition 3 July — 30 August 2008: In the 60s, Michel Foucault emphasizing intellectual unties of the Western European cultures had come to the conclusion that scientific and artistic pictures of the world both contribute into the era of thought development. How relevant the dialog of science and art today?
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