Cosmoscow 2014
18 — 21 September 2014
Moscow, Central Manège
in terms of the International Contemporary Art Fair Cosmoscow

Organized by:
LABORATORIA Art&Science Foundation
International Contemporary Art Fair Cosmoscow


Daria Parkhomenko


Art-group “Where Dogs Run”


LABORATORIA Art&Science participated in the non-profit program of the International Contemporary Art Fair Cosmoscow in Central Manège, Moscow, with a premiere of a new generative installation “1, 4 … 19” created by the art-group “Where Dogs Run”. 


generative installation: mouse, robotic maze, camera, projection

The artists explore the mechanisms of reality construction. The mouse crawls through the maze, and at each intersection selects only one of several options – all the others remain unrealised. We see not only the mouse’s chosen route, but also all the missed opportunities, which turn into the virtual mice on the projection. When there is a possibility for the real mouse to meet the virtual one in the maze, a wall extends between them. The virtual mice may almost completely fill the entire maze and limit available space of the real mouse. When it is trapped between the walls, the maze stops creating virtual copies. Even without a choice, the mouse does not lose opportunities. 

On the projection a viewer can observe how the past, present and future are co-existing in one reality. 

The project was created at the Ural Branch of the NCCA (The National Centre for Contemporary Art) with the support of the ZAART Centre and the Ministry of Culture of the Russian Federation.

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