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LABORATORIA Art&Science Foundation is a non-profit organization. To continue developing and creating technological art in Russia, we need your support. Any one-time or
regular donation will help us plan exhibitions and production of new works of science-art and ensure our sustainable development.

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Science-art lovers club

For lovers of contemporary art and technology, we have created a community, whose members meet with artists and scientists, are the first ones who visit our exhibitions at
private shows, have the opportunity to see how technological art is created and get behind the scenes of science-art production.

Making a donation of 5000 rubles a year, you automatically become a member of the club.

A club member gets access to special events for one year. Having made a donation of 5000 rubles, you will receive a letter with a special code and a list of all privileges during the year, including:

  • meetings with artists and scientists
  • private shows of exhibitions
  • visits to scientific laboratories at the during the production of works of technological art
  • exclusive tours
  • lectures from leading curators

In total, from 10 to 30 special events are held annually.


Patron takes part in the strategic development of the LABORATORIA Art&Science Foundation and is integrated into all areas of our activity. We build a long-term cooperation
based on shared values and goals. For each Patron, we develop an individual offer with special integration options relevant to your company.

Become a volunteer

If you want to participate in the life of LABORATORIA and help us to organize exhibitions and educational programs, we are happy to invite you to join our team as a volunteer.

If you want to participate in the life of LABORATORIA, for example, to take part in work on our exhibitions and events or to become a guide, we invite you to contact:

For any questions contact us:

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