We make internationally recognised technological art

INCUBATOR – key area of LABORATORIA where leading contemporary artists create new works of internationally recognised technological art jointly with engineers, scientists and specialists from different areas.

New works of arts are generated on the basis of the proprietary methodology of LABORATORIA, which focuses on the integration of scientific ideas and the newest technologies in the languages of contemporary art.

Methodology Art
Science Incubator

Theresa Schubert

Installation interlinks forest, serverfarms and microalgae to create and explore a metaphor for network dynamics modulated in realtime

Danja Vasiliev

Participatory network installation makes us think about our privacy in the digital age

Thomas Feuerstein

Interactive robotic installation. Two autonomous robots which communicate with each other using Dostoyevsky’s language and display emotions


An audio robotic installation in real time tracks the quotation prices of Bitcoin and Litecoin and creates a unique melody out of the cryptocurrency market

Marina Abramović

A neuroscience performance experiment that explores the activity of the human brain during continuous eye contact

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