Quantum Entanglement 2.0
19 February — 27 March 2016
Arsenal, Nizhny Novgorod

Organized by:
The Volga region branch of the National Center for Contemporary Arts (Russia)
LABORATORIA Art&Science Foundation (Russia)

Daria Parkhomenko (Russia)

Memo Akten (UK/Turkey)
Electroboutique (Russia)
Dmitry Kawarga (Russia)
Taisia Korotkova (Russia)
Pe Lang (Switzerland)
Ale de La Puente (Mexico)
Semiconductor (UK)
Where Dogs Run (Russia)

With support of:
Pro Helvetia Swiss Arts Council as a part of the “Swiss Made in Russia” programme
Mexican Foreign Office
The Mexican Agency for International Development Cooperation

Technical partner:
Panasonic Russia

Architecture of the exhibition: MEL Studio

Gratitude to the Social Discovery Venture

“There are some things so serious that you have to laugh at them…”

Niels Bohr

To which degree is our reality objective? Are there parallel worlds existing,in which all our missed opportunities are realized, or on the contrary, thefears which we have overcome? Why is there only one direction in which time isprogressing? And finally, is the Schrödinger’s cat alive?

The followers of Niels Bohr’s quantum theory claimed that the objective reality does not exist. The reality emerges only as a result of “measurements”, whether it is the measuring by physical apparatus, or the observer’s gaze. Quantum physics is able to give us absolutely new picture of the world, where the reality is multivariate.

In this picture of the world, observation and subjective view becomes an important method, which brings quantum physics closer to philosophical and artistic perception.

Quantum Entanglement is one of the most unbelievable and even romantic phenomenon of the quantum physics. The particles may get “entangled” while being in certain conditions very close to each other, and once set apart, they mysteriously continue to influence each other even through infinite distances.

And this is not simply a theoretical assumption, but a proved experiment. For instance, in 2008 a research team headed by Anton Zeilinger (Austria) managed to set entangled photons 144 km apart, and in spite of the distance, observe their correlation.

Existing since the beginning of 20th century, the quantum theory goes far beyond our conventional picture of the world. Now this is an area that reveals us the unknown, new horizons for exploration, which is similar to the artistic approach.

Both artists and scientists experiment with materials and physical phenomena, expanding our understanding of the world, thus making the invisible visible.


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