18 April — 21 June 2009
Moscow, Laboratoria Art&Science Space

LABORATORIA Art&Science Foundation

Daria Parkhomenko (Russia)


Gabriele Leidloff (Germany)


LABORATORIA Art&Science Space together with the National Centre for Contemporary Arts are proud to present the «science art» project ROENTGENOGRAM by Gabriele Leidloff (Germany). The digital video installation combines seven videos that explore the issues of perception as the correlation point of both physiological and cultural processes. The artist being exposed to medical testing by various apparatus and technologies makes visual preparations of the results and questions the gap between the visible and the real.

Once the Hamburg Museum of History received the crates with exhibits that survived in fire occured in the Museum of criminal history. Inside one of the crates there were the death-masks of the suspected criminals (including those executed during the Third Reich). Leidloff is not interested in the history and origin of the masks but in the poetry of the mis-en-scene. The masks were facing each other, almost «kissing» inside the crate. So for the viewer the documented «poetry of the fact» comes in contradiction with the dramatic history of the masks. 

The artist investigates the reality from scientific and artistic perspectives. The heart beating, white mice’s behaviour, oculoreaction, encephalogram and X-ray photographs are the components to create the complicated «science art» videos with titles that speak for themselves – My Heart, Ugly Casting, Run, In Pursuit, Face or Object.

The special part of the exhibition is the EXPERIMENT ROOM. The viewer who has just observed the experiments of Gabriele Leidloff steps in this ROOM and becomes the subject of a Test.

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